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Modified ABA/IBI

While recognizing the important of ABA/IBI therapy for children with autism, we also understand that the cost of 1:1 therapy can often be prohibitive for families looking for services. With that in mind we have developed a program called Modified ABA/IBI. Our Modified ABA/IBI program is run identically to our regular program, but sessions are run in a 2:1 ration, instead of 1:1. Like with our regular ABA/IBI program, each child undergoes their own individual ABLLS assessment, and programs are created and designed to meet the individual needs of each child. During Modified ABA/IBI sessions, each child works on their own programming, their work is simply done with another peer at their table as well as an IT. It is our hope that by offering families a modified version of ABA/IBI, services will be more accessible to families looking for help for their children.