“I had no idea what to expect when my son Brody started ABA therapy with Sunshine Learning Centre in September of 2011, but I can tell you now that I can't imagine where he would be without it. Over the last year, the staff at Sunshine Learning Centre have become more like family, than just therapists. They have helped our entire family in so many ways; they have provided therapy, come to school meetings, talked to our extended family about what Brody is working on, and ways to communicate with Brody, the list goes on and on. Brody has formed a special bond with each of his "girls". One of the greatest things about the staff at Sunshine Learning Centre is that they truly believe in the abilities of our children. They are dedicated to helping our children reach their full potential. My husband and I are amazed by the progress Brody has made in the last year, and we know that his progress is directly related to the kindness, experience, and abilities of the entire staff at Sunshine Learning Centre.”

"I have found the services of Sunshine Learning Centre to be professional in every respect. The therapists are consistent and loving with their approach towards our son, which helps him feel at ease. They are reliably prompt for appointments and are willing to work cooperatively when working out scheduling during times of sickness. We have been with the Sunshine Learning Centre almost three years and have seen measurable and sustained gains with our son's progress in speech and skills - and most importantly - these skills have proven themselves generalized in school and with new experiences."

“Sunshine Learning Center has been incredible to us. They are always willing to help solve problems and will go the extra mile to help you. Sunshine Learning has chosen fantastic therapists that have such a kind and caring nature, and that have the knowledge to guide and teach our children with the best methods. I know my son Maximus really likes and enjoys the time spent with his therapist. He has shown incredible changes in the 6 months that we have been with Sunshine Learning. They are an important part of our lives and have helped improve Max's behaviour in so many ways. I don't know where we would be without them. I am excited to see the growth and development in the years to come! Thank you SO much Sunshine Learning!

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